Boost Telegram: more stories, more promotion

2023-11-30 12:05:33

A few days ago, Telegram introduced a new update to channel storizas - Boost Telegram. The platform already boasts millions of active users per month, and the introduction of the Boost feature is designed to further enhance user interaction and content reach. Let's explore together what the new feature is and why we need it.

What is 'Boost Telegram'?

In the last update, Telegram introduced stories for users. And now, publishing storizas has appeared for channels as well. So, Telegram users can give their favorite channels the opportunity to publish these stories with the help of the votes system, and the more votes, the more stories from the channels. You can get such a vote by subscribing to Telegram Premium, which gives you one vote.

The more votes a channel has, the higher its level. Each new level allows a channel to publish one additional Telegram story daily to all of its subscribers.

With this feature, admins can promote their channels to a wider audience than their current subscriber base. This can be compared to if you were to broadcast your message through a more powerful loudspeaker, ensuring that it reaches the farthest corners of the Telegram universe.

What's the newest thing they've added? In Telegram stories, you can now add reaction stickers and your own music. There's also a single-view mode for photos and videos, more prominent account login notifications, and many other features.

Benefits of 'Boost Telegram'

Using the Boost feature, your channel or group can appear in the feeds of potential subscribers who have not yet discovered your content. This way, the feature allows you to target specific groups, ensuring that your content is shown to those who are most likely to interact with it.

To make ad campaigns more effective, Telegram provides detailed metrics and analytics. Channel admins can track the performance of their content, allowing them to develop more informed promotional strategies in the future.

How to Promote a Telegram Channel with Boosts and Storizas 

While the temptation to start promoting content right away can be great, it's important to approach it wisely. Determine what content best characterizes your channel or group and consider the opportunities and ways to promote it. It's also worth engaging with your current subscribers, encouraging them to share and promote your content to their networks.

In addition, consider the timing of your promotions. If you have global subscribers, promote when the majority of your audience is active. Also, make sure your content follows Telegram's guidelines. The platform values the safety of its community, so promotional content should follow these guidelines.

Activating Boost Telegram for your channel

To activate the Storize and Boost feature for your Telegram channel, first take out a Premium subscription. This is a paid subscription that gives you access to additional features, including Boost.

Supporting your channel with your voice is the main idea behind this feature, and to activate Boost, you need users to be able to support your channel with their voices by clicking the "Boost" button every time.

The number of boosts required to publish a Telegram story depends on your channel and the number of subscribers. The more subscribers you have, the more boosts are required. To get more leads and subscribers for your channel, you can share a link to your channel.

Posting a link to your channel's boost is pretty simple. Copy the link to your channel and add "?boost" to the end of the link. Now, to create a boost link, add a question mark and the word "boost" to your link. Publish and post this link on your channel so that your subscribers can see it and support your channel.

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So what's the bottom line?

The new Boost feature for Telegram is a new convenient way to promote. Not only does it give channel creators and administrators the opportunity to expand their audience, but it also ensures that users have access to a wider range of quality content. Proper use and quality content will help you significantly boost your advertising efforts on the platform, and if you want to see results from the feature now, we suggest buying Telegram Boost services with SMMPanelka and achieve your desired goals now. 

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