Autopromotion from SMMPanelka will be your digital assistant. Set all the promotion parameters just once, and the platform will promote your content for you.

How does it work?

  • In your personal cabinet subscribe to autopromotion

  • Choose social networks you want to promote

  • Choose services for promotion (likes, views and and etc.)

  • Decide how many publications you want to promote

Complete! You've optimized your time and freed yourself from monotonous tasks, allowing you to focus all your attention on creating outstanding content.

How do I connect?

If you want to increase promotion opportunities and improve the quality of your campaigns, set up autopromotion for the services you want to use.

To configure autopromotion:

  • Sign up to take advantage of the promotion

  • Click on the "Autopromotion" tab

    To do this, click on the "Create Order" button and select "Autopromotion" from the drop down menu

  • Choose the social networks where you plan to promote and services

    Autopromotion works with YouTube (videos and shorts, streams) and Twitch (streams)

  • Figure out the quantity of publications where boosts are needed and confirm your selection

Be sure to keep an eye on your balance to ensure autopromotion runs smoothly and to avoid errors in sending your order to your account.

And lastly

Autopromotion is a feature that will save you precious time and effort in the process of promoting your account. Whether it's to increase brand, product or service awareness, integrating this feature will help you increase your reach, strengthen your connection with your audience and grow organically. At SMMPanelka, we can help you realize any of your promotional ambitions!