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Organic traffic and algorithmic cheating combined with AI promotion


Not bots, but Organic

Not cheating, but Promotion

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SMMpanelka is organic traffic and algorithmic cheating combined with AI promotion give faster results and positive growth without a ban. + 100500 likes, subscribers and comments, as well as reposts and views.

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Подписчики, лайки, комментарии, зрители и многое другое

5000+ customers

The interests of our clients always come first. Customers build their business together with us, so their success is our success.

Smart widget from SMMpanelka

Easy start of promotion

The widget will select the best way for you to promote any social network or messenger, depending on your goal.

Free up your time from promoting new videos and streamers on your own!

Autopromotion from SMMPanelka

Autopromotion from SMMPanelka

will be your digital assistant

Set all the promotion parameters just once, and the platform will promote your future content for you.

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Smart batch promotion allows us to combine our unique manual approach together with AI promotion and algorithmic traffic with the right consistent flow.

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Who is SMMpanelka suitable for?

The result exceeds all expectations — social platforms perceive an increase in indicators and metrics as an increase in real organic traffic and an improvement in behavioral factors and bring your account and post to the top!


Promotion helps a blogger to create an image and become an expert in his niche, which makes him attractive to potential advertisers.


The promotion will help attract new fans and allow streamers to expand to other platforms, as well as sign advertising contracts.


Business promotion will help attract new customers and bring existing products or services to the top of sales.


Promotion will help attract attention to your work, expand your fan base and increase sales of albums and concert tickets.

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Fast execution of orders of any complexity and volume.


We use only proven data 
protection tools.


With us you get real views and customers.

The result of working with SMMpanelka

Why do you need promotion?


Boost awareness

One of the main goals that can be achieved through promotion is to increase awareness. When people hear about you or your company, it creates trust and interest in your products or services.

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Attract new customers

Attract new customers Another important goal that can be achieved through promotion is to attract new customers. Without a constant influx of new people, your account will not be able to develop. With the help of our promotion methods, you can attract the attention of potential customers and convince them that your services are best suited to their needs.

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Boost your image

A positive and strong image helps to attract and retain customers and creates long-term relationships with them. With the help of properly planned promotion, you can control your image by creating certain associations with your company or products. This will help to increase trust in you and strengthen the loyalty of existing customers.

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Any other questions?

We`ll tell you everything now

  • How long does it take to create an order?

    Thanks to the quick order widget on the site,it only takes three minutes to place an order!

  • Do you guarantee that I will get views?

    Before purchasing the service, please read the description of the service. There you will find out if a particular service has a warranty.

  • Can you guarantee that the number of subscribers, likes and comments on my channel will increase?

    Your content will be seen by real people. If they like it, they will leave reviews, give likes and subscribe to your channel. However, you should also keep in mind the possibility of negative feedback. Our experts professionally select the target audience, and with the help of analytics it will be easy to optimize settings to get only positive feedback in the future.

  • How to use Boost Telegram?

    Boosts for Telegram and channel storizas can be used as an additional tool for promotion. With them, you will be able to attract more subscribers to your channel as well as audience engagement.